Distance Learning

     The Farmers’ Museum and Fenimore Art Museum are pleased to present Distance Learning programming for learning in the classroom or at home.  Each program includes a New York State Learning Standard-based lesson plan prepared by our Education Department staff and include either videos or Powerpoint presentations  along with activities and other tools to further the lesson.  Teachers are free to use as much (or as little!) of the material as desired.  These materials may also be utilized by the teacher to receive CTLE credits – please contact us for details.

Another Way To Learn History

When is a carousel more than just a carousel?  When that carousel is the Empire State Carousel!  Not only is it a fun ride no matter your age, it is also an incredible educational tool and a beautiful work of art.   Take a look at our lesson "Another Way To Learn History" and find out … Continue reading Another Way To Learn History

Simple Machines

Here is an opportunity for you to utilize the resources of The Farmers’ Museum to facilitate classroom instruction of the Simple Machines curriculum. Many tools that 1840s farmers used are in fact simple machines.  Citizens and farmers of upstate New York in the nineteenth century may not have viewed these machines through today’s language of … Continue reading Simple Machines

Two Presidents, One Photographer

Pete Souza was the official photographer for both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama during their presidencies.  Through his photographs, students get to be the “fly on the wall” while the presidents carry out their official duties. Lesson Overviews: Pete Souza Grades 1-4 Short Version Lesson Plan Pete Souza, The Art of Photography READ ME Pete … Continue reading Two Presidents, One Photographer