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“The Farmers’ Museum has been built on the conviction that a people who understand their heritage are better equipped to face the present and the future.  From a knowledge of the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, the courage, the laughter of our people in the past comes a lift of the chin, a confidence in our hearts that we too shall solve our problems and look forward to the tomorrow of our children’s children.” 

                                             Louis C. Jones – 1948

And that vision continues to this day.  Working together, Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum strive to welcome and connect people to our shared cultural heritage through exhibitions and programs that engage, delight, and inspire, while we cultivate an understanding of the rural heritage that has shaped our land, communities and American culture.

Here on these pages you will find a wealth of resources for the classroom and also for your own personal edification.  We offer numerous programs for school field trips, resources for the classroom, and programming for those that are looking to grow in their personal knowledge or the knowledge of their profession.  We hope you find this helpful – Thanks for visiting!

Check out our other online resource for middle and high school teachers and students, based on the letters of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr at Fenimore Art Museum!