In the Classroom

We know that not everyone can make it for a visit to our Museums, so we would like to offer you some programming and resources that you can use from the comfort of your own classroom.  Just click on the images to see what is available.

One of the original goals of The Harvest of History website was to provide lesson plans for interested teachers.  These lesson plans covered four areas of interest:

  1. Where are We? – Geography
  2. Who are We? – Culture
  3. How Did We Get Here? – Technology and Transportation
  4. Where are We Going? – Economics

If you are interested in the Teacher’s Guides associated with our existing programming, these are available to you as well.

Here is an online collection of our artifacts available for your use.


Another great resource for you is Plowline: Images of Rural New York, a collection of vintage photographs taken largely in this area.

Our offerings here remain a work in progress.  We are continually  looking for other opportunities to provide programming for our schools and educators.