Fancy Weaving: Lion Coverlet

Coverlet woven for Elizabeth W. Thomson, Jefferson County, NY.
Tyler Harry was active as a fancy weaver in Jefferson County, New York, from the mid 1830’s until the late 1850’s. Many coverlets are attributed to him and his family, and his work is well documented. Family tradition records that members of the Thomson family carded, spun, and dyed the wool yarns for this coverlet. By supplying the wool from their own farm to the weaver, the Thomson’s, as with many farm families, could reduce the out-of-pocket costs of the coverlet.


Fancy Weaving: Coverlet

Some fancy weavers also advanced to the use of Jacquard Looms which became available after 1825, producing the more graphic designs of floral bouquets, birds, animals and text that became very popular in the coverlets they were weaving and personalizing by adding the name of their clients and the year woven in the border corners.

Coverlet, ca. 1844, Wool, Cotton, L: 95.25in x W: 76.5. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Margaret Carey, N0047.1996.