Herkimer Kitchen and Woodshed

Herkimer Kitchen and Woodshed

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Herkimer Kitchen and Woodshed

Hendrick Herkimer settled the property in the late eighteenth century in Schuyler Lake, New York.  This particular building was built in the 1820’s and was an attached kitchen of a one and a half story home.  The building was moved to the Farmers’ Museum in 1999 and serves to house firewood as well as a great exhibition of stoneware.


The Herkimer Kitchen houses a lovely exhibit on salt-glazed stoneware. Stoneware was the plastic-ware of its day, serving as food storage for nearly a century. Between 1800 and 1900, nearly 265 potteries produced stoneware in New York State. Often these large crocks and jugs have fanciful blue decorations of people, flowers, abstract shapes, and animals.

Jug, ca. 1849-1856, attributed to Noah White & Sons, stoneware, Dia: 8 3/4 x H: 14 1/2 in. The Farmers' Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Mrs. Waldo Roberts, F0261.1954

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